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tv   News  ABC  May 16, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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us. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. megan is on assignment this morning. we'll check in with her in just a bit. traffic looks great out there and a lot of it may be -- it may be responsible for you. >> yesterday you had a lot of accidents out there because of the rain. no rain today. plenty of sunshine like you just saw. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. but, you know, we could start to see a little bit of a change again. i know, you don't want to hear that, right? you want to stay dry. i have to put the possibility of some showers pushing in in the afternoon as a cold front will traverse the area. look at what we have right now, not so bad with those temperatures, talson 64 degrees, we are mild. that humidity is up there, though, so it is going to be a let's check out laurel now with a temperature coming in right around 63 degrees and the winds are calm right now. that dewpoint right around 61, so we do have some visibility issues out there. we can see baltimore coming in right around seven-mile reduced visibility. let's get a check now of your traffic with lauren.
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good morning. how are the roads because of the patchy fog? reporter: yes. well, we are dealing with reduced visibility. fortunately not too many accidents, actually not one at all so far this morning. but we are dealing with some congestion that's starting to pick up. if you're heading into the city using that jfx, do watch out for all the ongoing construction that's blocking one lane in both directions at 28th street. no backups just yet. fort mchenry tunnel also going to be clear as well as 895 just north of child street. as you can see, no delays to talk about. it will be an easy ride heading into the city. now the west side of the beltway, that's the area that's really starting to pick up. here's a live look at liberty road, that outer loop starting to slow down as you make the push down towards interstate 70. as far as the northeast side of 695, here's what it looks like at bel aire road. no delays to talk about. it will be an easy ride, still going to be pretty steady as you travel on the outer loop up towards charles street that. is a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. charley, over to you. a warning for you this morning, someone impersonating an officer may have killed two drivers in northern
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mississippi. abc 2 news sherree johnson is working for you with some tips on how you can stay safe here locally, especially when pulled over. sheree, what do you have? reporter: that's right. the first shooting actually happened last tuesday and the second on thursday morning. drivers everywhere are on alert and urged to use extra caution. officers have checked out hundreds of reports of suspicious cars since state investigators in mississippi put out word someone could be impersonating a law officer. this person could be responsible for two shooting deaths. none of the reports turned up anything, but since the random shootings last week investigation. officers are working overtime, stopping suspicious cars and staking out major roads. they're even pulling officers from court cases to help in this investigation. >> i think in these times it's definitely best to be cautious when you're traveling and especially by yourself. reporter: abc 2 news is working for you this morning. here are some tips if you're pulled over and have questions
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about an officer's legitimacy. first, drive to a well-lit area or populated place like a gas station. second, you can call 911 to make sure this stop is legitimate. third, ask to see identification from the officer. they should have some sort of i.d. card. you can log onto our website at for more informatio home page. sheree johnson, abc 2 news. it is 6:33. new details this morning on the extent of the injuries suffered by the man who fatally shot florida teen trayvon martin in february. abc news got the exclusive look at the court records and they show that george zimmerman had a nose fracture, two black eyes and two cuts on the back of his head when he went to the doctor the day after the killing. an attorney for martin's family has now react today that news. >> what we do know is on february 26th the e.r. personnel didn't believe his injuries were significant enough for him to go to the hospital. they didn't even put a band-aid on his head. >> autopsy reports also show that trayvon martin had knuckle
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injuries. george zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, claiming self-defense. if you can believe this, there's some good news coming from a series of metal thefts in baltimore county and this is our feel-good story of the day. a 16-year-old girl heard that story we first brought you monday at 5:00 about a wheelchair ramp that had been stolen from a home where two people living with cerebral palsy reside. that made lauren clem angry, so angry, in fact, she decided to do something about it. she did bake sales, yard sales, anything she can do to help this family out. lynette price says the ramp used by her two adult sons with cerebral palsy was the target of thieves. >> stealing, first off, is is wrong, but especially when it's obviously a need for that person. >> now, the ramp was taken last week days before police announced the region's first team of four officers devote today stopping metal thefts. now that has since more than tripled. we'll keep you posted on those fundraising efforts. and go to to take a look at the complete story of
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what this young lady is is doing. this morning there is mayor stephanie rolins blake d baltimore super city sum iser. the program is is is designed to provide education, employment and nutrition for area kids. it's a partnership between the mayor's youth cabinet and the city's public schools. announcements are expected on that later this morning. you see them in restaurants all over the place, advertisements for all you can eat. one wisconsin man want today do just that and ran into a few problems. now he's taking the issue to the public and he's also going to take it to police. a man who shed a few pounds to ride a roller coaster ride. how he turned one situation into a positive. lynette. >> it's going to feel more like sum iser today than spring is, but more seasonable temperatures are in the forecast. i'll have those details coming up. reporter: traffic is really starting to slow down here on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. i'll let you know how the jfx is shaping up coming up in my abc 2 news time saver traffic
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♪ this time . good morning tou. welcome back. a wisconsin man now taking issue with an all-you-can-eat restaurant. bill weiss ate a dozen pieces of fried fish and wanted more, because, as you can see, it's all you can eat. the restaurant said it was running out of fish and it was running out of patience. it sent him home with eight more pieces of fish. according to him that simp isly wasn't enough and he claimed false advertising. he called police and came back with a picket sign outside of chuck's restaurant two days later. reporter: why do you think you needed to call the police about it? >> well, because i think that people have to stand up for
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consumers. >> okay. well, the waitress says that weiss who has a tab at the restaurant has been a problem customer before. weiss plans to picket the restaurant every sunday is until something changes. people have all sorts of reasons for wanting to lose weight and nate ambrose of virginia had a rather unusual incentive. he simply wanted to ride a roller coaster. he used to weigh 300 pounds and told he was too heavy to get on a roller coaster at kings dominion because he was too big. he lost 109 pounds in nine months and this time they let him on the road. we are tracking a number of stories for you at this hour, including what's happening overseas. why a truck shipment from nato is is now sit ising idle in pakistan. and more on this, a plastic surgeon at johns hopkins who's note a one-trip pony, the hidden talent he's now set to unleash. details on that coming up in just a bit. and we'll have a mix of some sun and clouds today, but some more showers are on the way. i'm going to tell you when those move in coming up. reporter: congestion is really
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starting to pick up here on 695 and bel aire road. i'll let you know how the tunnels and the jfx look coming up in my abc 2 news time saver traffic report. you're watching "good morning maryland." ♪
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. 6:44. good morning, maryland. i'm charley crowson. time now for your abc 2 news to go. and it is a busy wednesday morning for you. megan is out live with details on today's installation of the new arch bishop. linda stow is live at pemlico where the preakness festivities are under way. first we begin with a check of the forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning, everyone. yes, we are looking at some dry conditions right now on maryland's most powerful radar. we had some wet weather work its way through the area last night. but now we are going to dry things out. but as we go into the afternoon, we do have a chance for more showers to pop up in the forecast, as we will have a cold front trying to traverse the area. behind that temperatures are going to be much cooler for tomorrow, more seasonable. but for this morning, you want to know what's going on, right? we do have some patchy fog out there, so take it easy on the roadways. only about seven miles reduced visibility in baltimore, three
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in easton, one in york now and three in fredrick, also hagerstown, winchester coming in right around five and culpepper still has zero visibility out there this morning. so we look at your temperatures. in mount airy and also chesapeake beach. temperatures are in the 60s. 63 degrees to be exact. we do have that patchy fog because that humidity is coming in at 100%. so this is what we will be dealing with this morning. but right now let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. good morning. how are the roads? reporter: good morning, lynette. well, the patchy fog is really leading to reduced visibility on many of the main lines. so do be extra careful as you head out. if you're using the jfx to get into the city, we do have ongoing construction that continues to block one lane in both directions at 28th street. for those of you in howard county, no concerns this morning on interstate 70. it will be an easy ride traveling east from colombia pike all the way to the beltway. that west side of 695 really going to be jammed. here's what it looks like at liberty road. that outer loop, unfortunately, will remain slow all the way down towards edmondson avenue and traffic really starting to pick up on the beltway in the
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parkville area. here's a look at bel aire road. again, really starting to slow down. unfortunately that will continue all the way up towards charles street. that's a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic report. charley, back to you. a sentencing is scheduled in the mona turnage case. two boys admitted to shooting the 13-year-old girl in march and hid her body. as soon as there is a decision, we'll have it for you at at 10:00 this morning, a special session will resume. the house of delegates is is set to vote on a package of the budget measures recently approved by the senate. those include increasing income taxes on people making more than $100,000 a year and to split teacher pension costs with local governments during the next four years. they're also going to pass a tax increase on tobacco products other than cigarettes. all of that is part of this collective package. it is now 6:46. all new this morning, we learned that anti-drone activists will target the g-8 meeting at camp david in
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maryland. organizers say they'll demonstrate tomorrow afternoon at the fredrick office of the maryland congressman roscoe bartlett. activists say they want bartlett to send survivors of u.s. drone strikes more than $88,000 in campaign contributions that he has received from drone makers and also from related businesses. we've learned that thousands of nato trucks have been stranded in pakistan for months after the shoutdown of supply routes to afghanistan. some of those trucks were shipped from the port of baltimore. pakistan shut down nato supply routes there last november after a nato strike killed 24 pakistani soldiers. international experts say u.s./pakistani relations have reached their lowest point in more than a decade. congress is now scheduled to hold a hear rg this morning over a new report that the tsa is not adequately reporting, tracking or fixing overall airport security. frank lautenberg requested that study including one incident where a passenger had a knife, they got past tsa screeners, someone else simply walked around the screening machines all together.
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a big day today for baltimore. a new arch bishop will be installed in the oldest archdiocese in the nation. the insignificant nia edward carl o'brien has been taken down, soon to be replaced by that of reverend william lorie. megan pringle is live at cathedral of mary our queen with the events. reporter: lorie is going to be the 16th arch bishop. it happens today when he's installed here at the cathedral of the mary our queen. is huge crowd is expected here, we're talking about 2000 people who have tickets to witness it, including lorie's parents who are coming from kentucky. the official installation begins today. but much of the ceremonies began last night. you're taking a look at some video from the mass of the basilica downtown where lorie prayed at the tomb of the first arch bishop of baltimore, john carroll who continued his -- who started his tenure in 1809. edwin leaves for his new position in rome tomorrow.
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he will hand over the cross to his successor. last night he introduced william lorie at the basilica. here's what he had to say. >> it's with deep gratitude to our holy father, pope benedict xvi that i welcome arch bishop lorie as the new shepherd of this historic archdiocese of baltimore. i've known arch bishop lorie for many years, i have been very impressed as so many of us have by his deep love of the church and the people and his extraordinary work as bishop of bridge passport and on -- bridgeport and his leadership. reporter: back out here live, as you can see, they have the event ready, tents set up with lines to accommodate the huge crowds. again, about 2000 people, including 400 priests, 80 bishops and eight cardinals. now, again, if you do have tickets, you can come out here at 11:00 this morning. the ceremony begins inside the cathedral at 2:00 in the afternoon. however, the procession starts a half an hour before that. a little bit about william lorie, he's 60 years old, he comes here from connecticut and he says he's looking forward to working with all faiths in
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baltimore. we're going to send it back to you in the studio, charley. >> megan, thanks a lot. today the new team behind the baltimore grand prix will hold a news conference. michael andretti and jp grant will discuss plans for the loibd racing event, -- labor day racing event. the board is expected to approve a five-year contract this morning. the city has terminated past contracts with two other racing organizers. we are counting you down now to the preakness. we are just days away from saturday's big race and things already in full swing. linda stow is live this morning with a check of what's happening today leading up to saturday. do you have a horse with you? reporter: part horse and part human. look who it is, it's kegasus. you are the protector, the lord of the infield fest, is that not correct? >> that is the case. just last year the maryland jockey club asked zeus to assign me to be the lord of the fest and i was greeted with
6:51 am
open arms by the city of baltimore. i actually am a baltimoreian. my mother is from ellicott city, a waitress from humble stock and preekness. reporter: tell us about the infield fest this year. i've got some big acts coming in. it's going to be fun, huh? >> the kids say it's going to be off the chain. this year we -- i, actually, have invited maroon 5, kalifa, the darkness, little big town and local favorites mr. green jeans. so moon 5 and kalifa alone should bring in just about every single person in the mid- atlantic seaboard. reporter: wonderful. tell me what this is. does that make a sound? is what do you do with that? >> actually, it's not something that can be heard by mortal ears, but if i do blow my spirit into it, what it does is it calls out to my father
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preakness on mount olimpus and to zeus to let him know i'm behaving. reporter: that's what we want people to do. >> absolutely. we want people to behave, we want them to have fun and we want them to be legendary, to take care of themselves and to take care of everyone around them and to simply have a good time at the triple crown preakness. reporter: you heard him say it, kegasus summed it up well for us. tonight at 6:00 they'll have the post position draw here at pemlico, we'll have the latest coming up tonight. linda stow, abc 2 news. >> how does linda stow keep a straight face that entire interview? look at this. look at that! there are a lot of events planned leading up to saturday's race. this guy is going to be there. that is kegasus is. what is your favorite part of the event, is it the concert, is it the sunrise on the old hilltop, the hats or maybe just the race itself. head to our facebook fan page
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and let us know. also let us know what you think about linda keeping a straight face through that whole ordeal. time now for five things, and the identity of the zodiac killer could be revealed today. a former california highway patrolman says he believes he knows who the killer is and he's unmasking him in a new book. he says 40 years of evidence habuilt the accusation against a now 91-year-old man. the wife of the former syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine is holding a news conference today. lori fine's lawyer says she'll address what she's calling scanned scandalous lies. we could see the daughter of john edwards taking the witness stand today. it's still not known if she'll testify or to what she will testify. also it's unclear whether edwards or his mistress rielle hunter will take the stand either. the new international terminal at the hartsfield- jackson airport in atlanta is set to open today. the nearly $1 1/2 billion project is adding 12 gates and
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nearly 200 already exist thrg at that airport. the stars are going to be in france beginning today for the famed international com film festival. it happens along the french riviera and the first film stars bruce willis, bill murray and ed norton. how about that? now, lynette, you've been to kahn, but not the film festival. >> it is beautiful, you have got to go. we have beautiful weather here at home. visibility an issue this morning. we do have a little bit of patchy fog. that will burn off, we'll get some sunshine in here mixing with the clouds. we do have two miles of visibility now in york, three in easton, seven in baltimore, three in fredrick and also hagerstown right now. you can see for yourself what's going on in bethesda right now where we do have a few clouds, but then sun starting to move into the picture and we'll be seeing more of that even as we head over into mount airy. plenty of blue sky right now. and also we're looking at some sunshine. but like i said, we are going to be dealing more with the clouds trying to stream in here a little bit more into the afternoon because we do have a chance of maybe some showers to
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pop up. and all this is because of a cold front that's going to slice through the area. there it is right there. so i'm keeping the chance for some scattered showers in the forecast. not everybody is going to get wet as we go into the afternoon. and then we will start to see high pressure building in here as we go into thursday and also friday. for today i'm going to with 85 degrees. we'll get that mix of sun and clouds, a shower or storm can't be ruled out this afternoon. by tonight that temperature right around 55 degrees and 75, mostly sunny, more seasonable as we head into tomorrow. here's a check of that seven- day forecast for you. as we go to black eyed susan day, looks good. so does preakness with that temperature close to 80 degrees. let's get a check now of your abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren. good morning. reporter: good morning, lynette. in addition to the fog, we are dealing with a lot of congestion out on 795 this morning. the southbound lanes really going to be packed from oings mills boulevard down to the beltway. as for 695, this is liberty road, that outer loop just jam packed as you make the drive down towards edmondson avenue.
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in the parkville area here's what it looks like at bel aire road. that outer loop going to be slow up towards charles street. if you are heading into the city using that jfx, we are still dealing with that construction, so do expect a slow ride southbound from cold spring all the way to the construction site at 28th street. falls road never a bad alternate route. take a look at this video before we let you go on this morning. it's aerial rad. he is ranked as the 38th ball room dancer in the world. he's also a surgeon at johns hopkins. this man has competed against some of the dancers you see every week on "dancing with the stars." now, the woman he's dancing with is noel sherber, she is also a dancer, they became dance partners then life partners. they'll be competing for a fundraiser coming up very soon. so some things you just do not know about people. >> i love it. i wish i could say i did that. >> you are a huge fan. >> i am a huge fan, i love it. >> are you? reporter: i love "dancing with the stars." >> go to facebook this morning and like us and let us know what you think about the recent findings in the george zimmerman murder trial. let us know what you think
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about that.
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